The mission of CISNOC is to promote sport and physical recreation throughout the Cook Islands, thereby encouraging all Cook Islanders to live a more active and healthier lifestyle, leading them to accept sport as a natural land integral part of our way of life and a powerful contributor to nation building and that it offers excellent and lucrative career opportunities for young men and women.

CISNOC will support and encourage the promotion of sports ethics, the shared values of integrity, fair play, commitment to excellence, respect for gender equity and tolerance and will fight against the use of drugs in sport and will demonstrate a responsible concern for environmental issues. CISNOC will also participate in actions to promote peace, to promote women in sport and to promote sport for the physically and mentally impaired.

At all times in carrying out its mission, CISNOC undertakes to comply with the provisions of the Olympic Charter, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) constitution and the Pacific Games Council (SPCG) Charter and to promote the spirit of sports enshrined in their constitutions and abide by the decisions of those organisations.


Development Goal 1

To embed CISNOC in the Nation

Development Goal 2

To build a healthy and active Nation

Development Goal 3

To build an engaged and sporting nation

Development 3

To build a proud and winning nation

Development Plan

High Performance Plan

Cook Islands Sports National Olympic Committee

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