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Coaching Development

Each level in the coaching development pathway requires the participant to undertake a theory session, assignments, a practical assessment and evidence based portfolio and observations.

Each level can be completed in the participants own time. However there will be a minimum time period for completion.

Check out the various pathway opportunities below an inquire by emailing John –


Coach development focuses on fundamental movement and basic Netball skills. The activities and games encourage maximum participation and enjoyment.


This is for the development coach working with athletes from 12 – 18 years. It includes a set of modules which provide basic knowledge and skills to develop players at the development level. These modules are delivered and facilitated in a practical environment and are designed to help coaches understand the importance of using a player-centred approach.


The Performance Coach Qualification (PCQ) is for coaches who have attained their CCA and are working with representative athletes within the development and performance levels. The formal qualification consists of five advanced modules facilitated, in-workshop course tasks, an evidence-based portfolio and observations over a three-year period.

High Performance

A facilitated formal and informal programme designed to challenge and support the individual development of elite coaches. Coaches must be engaged with the development of identified elite athletes within the High Performance Pathway.

Coaches Philosophy

Bill Belichick has won 14 consecutive season championship titles; 6 AFC Championship Titles and 4 Super Bowl titles. 

His philosophy? 

Simple! “Do Your Job”

Belichick trains his players to focus on only what they can control. It’s too easy to get distracted these days, the best performers are those who can execute on their key responsibilities. 

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