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“Far man you’re famous you played for the Cook Islands.” Check out a few of the big names that played for the Cook Islands see what they have to say…

"Playing for the Cook Islands is my proudest achievement in my Rugby League playing career. Obviously being born and raised in Rarotonga it filled me with so much pride to represent our people and our country."
Adam Tangata
Rugby League
"Having the option to be able to play for New Zealand, as well as the Cook Islands. I remember how uneasy and questionable I felt making that decision, but since then I look back and think there wasn't a decision to be made. Representing the Cook Islands has given me amazing opportunities and a new sense of identity that has connected me back to my island home"
Keziah Lewis


Development pathways are currently being created for those young aspiring Cook Island Olympians.


Training and Sports Psychology is a huge part of succeeding in sport and in everyday life. We are dedicated to providing the information and assistance every athlete deserves.


High Performance is a section that highlights and assists those athletes currently in the Cook Islands Olympic Movement.

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